AXON Securities, operating since 1991, invests first of all in the great experience of its executives and their ability to understand the needs of customers, to seek the best possible solutions and to create conditions of security and trust for all those who honor it with their presence in its clientele.


With this in mind, the company aims to continuously provide high quality services, while ensuring the continuous expansion of its activities and the continuous improvement of its operations. Its access to regulated and unregulated markets, its expertise in complex and non-complex financial instruments and its cooperation with leading international investment houses are elements embedded in this very rationale. At the same time, competitiveness, high-performance productivity and reliability make AXON Securities an attractive partner for every investor and a reliable manager for every investment need.


With this strategy as a guide, the strengthening of the customer base, the expansion of the market share and the expansion in all modern activities are a natural evolution of the whole process of the company’s consolidation, growth and development.