At AXON Securities, the services we offer are always geared towards satisfying the investment needs and expectations of our investors. Portfolio Management is one of our most important services offered and we are proud of the quality and efficiency of AXON Securities in this demanding area of our operation.

The Portfolio Management Department offers individuals and institutional investors the most appropriate investment strategy, which is derived after studying and understanding the individual investment expectations of each client, and always in harmony with the investment profile we choose together.

With the objective of covering a wide range of investment objectives,the Portfolio Management Department has designed three separate investment profiles with different return and risk objectives:

  • A conservative portfolio, aiming to preserve the capital invested and minimise risk.
  • Neutral portfolio, aiming for higher returns, with an ideal risk/return ratio, with capital protection.
  • Aggressive portfolio, aiming to maximize returns by taking advantage of all kinds of investment opportunities, assuming the ideal risk/return ratio across the board, always with the best possible capital protection.

The experienced managers in the team of AXON Securities use the most suitable financial instruments in Greece and abroad in the placement of the funds under management, in order to offer specialized services of active portfolio management tailored to each investment profile and regardless of the size of the capital to be invested.