The protection of our investors, the excellent service of their interests and access to the top investment products are the fundamental principles of AXON Securities, from the beginning of its operation until today, and constitute the guiding axis that defines our development course.

Our philosophy is based on the provision of high quality investment and ancillary services with the best interests of our clients in mind, and the effective coverage of the needs of the private and institutional investors who work with us.


Our strategy is to always be the most attractive and trustworthy partner for our clients and investors: the principles of reliability, high quality service and competitiveness are the roadmap for our course.

Therefore, the strengthening of our customer base, the expansion of our market share and the expansion in all modern activities, offering cutting-edge products and services, are the natural evolution of our company’s growth and expansion.


AXON Securities will continue to provide access to the largest regulated and non-regulated markets, through its expertise in complex and non-financial instruments and its cooperation with leading international investment houses.

It is these elements that are the inspiration for the present and the future of our company and the springboard for all our efforts to make uninterrupted progress in this direction, with you, our customers and investors as our fellow travelers.